Shadefx brings you shade with style

Choosing the right window furnishing

There are lots of factors to consider. What style would suit your needs best? How do you use the area now?

Do you want to make a statement and lift the look of a plain room or tie the window furnishing in with the overall look of the room?

As a starting point we suggest you consider the following points

Ventilation requirements. Do you open the window/door for breeze?

Glare. Do you have computer monitors and television screens in view of the opening?

What level of privacy do you require?

The aspect of the room. In which direction do the openings face?

Shadefx brings you shade with style.

Whether you are an architect or a designer looking for a solution to help attain a Green StarTM rating for a commercial project or you’re home owner conscious of reducing your own energy costs for cooling, heating and lighting – Shadefx provides the answers to your environmental concerns.

Timber used for our shutters are all plantation grown timbers, Phoenixwood (aka Paulownia). Harvested trees regenerate from their existing root systems (coppice growth), earning them the name of “Phoenix tree”. Basswood (aka Tilia Americana) is another hard wood use in the manufacture of our timber shutters.

Shadefx fabric range includes a selection of ecospecified fabrics, innovative sustainable materials suitable for commercial and residential projects that are low VOC (volatile organic chemicals) polyester fabrics.

Shadefx will help you to choose the right window furnishings to produce the right levels of natural light in your living areas. Natural light improves the wellbeing of the people using these areas, reducing eye strain and headaches associated with the use of artificial light and natural light has a positive effect on the state of mind.

By choosing the right products and fabrics you can minimise harmful emissions with the right natural light levels, making your living and working environments sustainable with low energy requirements and beautiful to be in.


Shadefx internal fabrics are sourced from Australian and International fabric manufactures. Shadefx bring you fabrics that are not just beautiful to look at with a great range of textures and weaves, they are also functional in blocking out up to 96% of UV rays.Sun Screens that allow the full colour spectrum of lightinto the room giving you great through vision while reducing heat and glare. They only provide daytime privacy.Translucent fabrics allow diffused light into a room; they maintain day and night privacy. However some translucent fabrics are very sheer and if you stand close enough to the blind your silhouette may be visible through the blind fabric.Block out fabrics are opaque, they do not allow any light through the fabric giving you complete day and night privacy.

Product Care – Maintenance & Warranties

Below is a list of Individual manufactures recommended product care and maintenance guide lines, warranties and guarantees for your convenience and reference.

Aluminium Louvre Shutters:

Timber Plantation Shutters:

Synthetic Plantation Shutters:

Awnings Exterior Blinds:

Interior Blinds:

Shade Sails: