Home Security

ShadeFX Home Automation Systems and Security Screens

Are you looking for ways to boost your home security, without spending a fortune or making your home look like a prison? We understand. Although we’re lucky enough to enjoy one of the state’s lowest crime rates, many Townsville locals would rather prevent damage being done than suffer the hassle of insurance and replacing belongings – or worse, having to deal with the heartbreak of irreversible damage. Privacy is also an increasing concern as the city expands.

When it comes to protecting your property from intruders as well as accidental damage, getting the right doors and screens is critical. It’s your first line of defence, and a strong looking metal screen can also be an excellent deterrent to would-be thieves. We stock a large selection of privacy screens, slat screens, and security screens in Townsville at ShadeFX to suit your style or protection requirements. Protect your household, your privacy, and ensure the safety of its contents with a shading or security solution from our range. Alternatively, consider installing a home automation system to improve your quality of life by increasing your comfort and the ease in which you live your day to day life. Automation technologies have improved dramatically in recent years, and they’re a great idea for the lesser abled as well as for luxury and convenience.

Consult the team at ShadeFX for a chat and get expert advice on what might best address your needs. We’re happy to offer a free no-obligation quote for your consideration – just call 1300 440 398 to get started.