Interior Design

Interior Design with ShadeFX: Stockists of Pivot and Bi-Fold Timber Doors in Townsville

Doors, window frames and window dressings can have a huge impact on the finished look of a room. First of all they’re physically large and cover a significant surface area, so whichever colour or finish is chosen is really going to stand out. Secondly, because they contain moving parts, they’re naturally more noticeable and eye-catching. Whilst you might get used to wallpaper, paint or even artwork after a while, the movement of a door or the swish of a curtain really holds your attention. What all this means is that, to get the interior design on your Townsville property just right, professional help is essential.

Fulfill your interior design dreams and your living requirements with timber doors from our stunning range of bi-fold timber and pivot doors at ShadeFX. We stock a great range of traditional and contemporary designs, so you can get something that matches with the existing look and feel of your room/s (or the look you’re aiming for with your makeover/renovation). Replace your old hinged doors and transform your home environment. Make the best use of space and natural light with our versatile, sturdy but stylish doors that are hardy enough to withstand daily use in our harsh climate. Because we also stock a wide range of shade solutions, we can offer a beautifully coordination solution with the same colour or finish throughout, so you can get décor worthy of any designer interiors magazine.

To discuss your needs and ideas with a ShadeFX professional, call 1300 440 398.