External Shutters

External Shutters

External Shutters to Make Your Environment Your Own

There is so much to love about the climate and environment here in Townsville. We’re lucky enough to enjoy warmth and sunshine for a significant part of the year, as well as ideal growing conditions for a range of beautiful plants. However, our beautiful weather comes with a down side – the occasional seriously destructive cyclone. Townsville generally sees at least one or two cyclones each season, according to eastern region data from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Reliable Cyclone Shutters for Queensland

External shutters protect your Townsville house and outdoor living areas from our harsh tropical climate, and also add a unique element of style and sophistication to any dwelling. Even today, in our energy-conscious low carbon footprint world, cyclone-rated exterior shutters provide an effective means to make your outdoor living areas more usable by controlling privacy, tropical sun, cyclonic winds, and insects. These cyclone shutters are surprisingly attractive and modern, and because they’re a neutral colour, they look great with just about any exterior décor scheme.  Of course, you can disguise the look of the shutters from the interior by adding blinds on the interior.

Our range of aluminium shutters is perfect for external applications. Reliable, resilient and subtle, ShadeFX is proud to offer these. Our aluminium shutters are extremely hard-wearing and can handle constant contact with water. Once properly installed by our technicians, they are not susceptible to movement or warping, these are sure to be a stable, long-term investment in the value of your home. Combined with our range of internal shutters, you have a complete system for cutting excess heat in your own home. The components and hardware are stainless steel as standard, to withstand the elements.

Being both stylish and practical, the CL 90 Louvre cyclone shutters are the only wind tested and cyclone rated (110m/sec) Louvre shutter made here in Queensland. These products have a wide range of applications and are now a much sought after product for both commercial & domestic applications.

If you want to beat the heat or get true peace of mind during the next cyclone season, call the experts at ShadeFX in Townsville. For a very affordable price you can buy years of cool and stress-free summer days.