Motorized Blinds Will Make Shutting The House Up Easier

Sometimes when you need to close up the house because of the hot weather or strong wind, it can be quite annoying to do so. If you are in the middle of something, we recommend you let us install motorized blinds into your Townsville home.

Motorization allows operation of your shutters, blinds and awnings at the touch of a button. Removing the need for cords and chains associated with some blinds and some awnings. No cords and chains complement modern interior designs styles giving clean minimal lines.


Easy to set timers can be programmed to open and close your motorized blinds at any time of the day or night. Open your window coverings to allow natural light into your home as you wake up. As the sun starts to heat they can be set to close. Even when you’re on holidays, your window coverings open and close complimenting your home security.

Sun and wind sensors

Glass is great for letting in natural light. But too much UV coming through your glass windows and doors causes a heat issue, fading of your furniture, timber floors or floor coverings. Sun sensitive units can operate your internal window coverings or external window screens and awnings when you need shade from the sun’s rays. Incorporated with ShadeFX’s wide range of sunscreen fabrics, you can let in the full view with the full spectrum of natural light while protecting your Townsville home and office from damaging UV rays when you need it.

External awnings and screens are put in place when sun protection is required and can easily be retracted when they are no longer required and you want to let the remaining natural light in. This retractable nature of screens and awnings enables you to retract them when it gets to blowy. Wind sensors retract your awnings and screens protecting them when the weather is unsuitable for them to be out.