Improve your Townsville Home with our Patio Enclosures

Making use of sunlight can be a strong addition to your home living, but the weather doesn’t always permit spending time outdoors. At ShadeFX, we offer professional construction of enclosed patios and sunrooms in a variety of designs so that you can enjoy natural lighting without needing to worry about the temperature or weather conditions. Backed up by a highly skilled team, lead builder Mark has more than three decades of experience in the construction industry and knows how to create an eye-catching practical space.

What are the advantages of having enclosures installed?

From dining rooms and lounges to entertainment areas and cosy reading corners, a patio sheltered by an enclosure adds a unique sense of comfort that can make life at your Townsville home a more enjoyable experience, and can be customised in any way you like to achieve the best result. To add to the package, we can offer beautiful internal shutters, roller blinds, curtains and more.

By installing an enclosure around your patio, you can enjoy the ambience of the outdoors 365 days a year while you are sheltered from any undesirable weather. In addition to protection from the elements, advantages include:

  • Prevent pets running away
  • Protection from leafs and debris from overhanging branches
  • Keep mosquitoes, flies, birds and other pests out
  • Ambient entertainment area
  • Beautiful design that complements the rest of the home

If you know exactly what you want for your new space, we can put together a sheltered patio in line with your vision that meets and exceeds your expectations. However, if you need help choosing from the enclosures we offer, our team can offer extensive practical and stylistic advice based on our in-depth knowledge of construction and design.

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