Umbrellas & Shade Sails

Umbrellas & Shade Sails

Shade Sails to Keep Townsville’s Backyards Fun

Don’t make the choice between sunburns and staying inside on those beautiful summer afternoons. With shade sails or awnings from Townsville’s ShadeFX, you don’t have to choose. These systems can be made to cover any space of any size and shape.

Our shade awnings and sails are made of either high-quality cloth that cuts 95% of harmful UV radiation or high-tension weatherproof vinyl membranes, a shade sail from us is an investment in your property. Barbecue in comfort for the neighbours or get outside and get active with your family, regardless of the weather. Our products will quickly make your backyard one of the most popular spots around!

Shade awnings for comfortable, alfresco dining

We supply only Townsville-manufactured shade sails, meaning they are designed to stand up to the harsh Queensland sun. Our team know what stress a north-Queensland summer puts people under, so we want to make those hot months a bit easier.

ShadeFX’s awnings can cut the amount of light and heat entering an internal room or outside patio or gazebo, meaning a more comfortable time spent lounging around your property for you, your family and your guests. Adding an awning or sail to your Townsville home can make summer dining and relaxing complete; eat a delicious meal on your patio without fear of being burnt or overheated.

Take back part of your property! Our team can provide a full range of window coverings and shade systems for all parts of the home. A comprehensive shutter system will drastically reduce heat inside your home, or install a traditional Japanese-style shoji screen to provide privacy and reduce glare.

Contact the professionals in beating the heat at ShadeFX. We are local experts who understand what life in northern Queensland is like. Call us today on 4779 9962 or email at to find out how you could be more comfortable.