Lock Out The Townsville Heat

Whether inside or outside, fixed shutters are the perfect solution to cut excess light, heat and noise. Our full range of roller and plantation shutters come in a variety of materials, colours and styles to match any Townsville home. Curtains can be fussy and can be easily damaged if handled carelessly.

Rigid models – even frequently moved styles such as roller shutters – are more durable and can offer a higher level of heat reflection, meaning you stay cooler for longer, for less.

Their elegant style combined with their functionality is driving a new wave of global popularity for this classic window covering product. Home owners are discovering the benefits of living with internal shutters including; style, light, privacy and view control, versatility, ventilation and increased energy efficiency which is becoming a necessity with rising energy costs and our tropical climate. Both plantation and roller shutters are exceptional at keeping the heat out and ShadeFX’s line of products in this range is one of the best in Townsville.

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